About Me

Here’s some information about me.

  • I am a Tech Leader and full-stack Developer at Globant
  • Here, I have had the opportunity to work in amazing, innovative Apps like Shop Disney Parks, My Disney Experience, and many other Disney Apps
  • I am currently working on one of the core components on Disney’s backend
  • In my free time, I like to write about technology in Medium
  • I am writing my first book, Learning Concurrency in Kotlin, which is to be released later this year
  • I am also working as a Technical Reviewer for the upcoming book Kotlin for Android App Development by Peter Sommerhoff. And as luck has it, Peter is the Technical Reviewer for my book as well
  • Whenever I travel, I love to take pictures. You can see the good ones here
  • I also like to be involved in Open Source projects. Recently I have been working as part of the team porting RetroArch to the Nintento Switch. You can find our repo here
  • I am always eager to meet new people. Feel free to send me an email about anything – except SPAM of course